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Storytelling Meets Strategy

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At OF BY FOR, we are dedicated to campaigns, causes and candidates who will work to strengthen American democracy, fight corruption, fix our system, serve people over monied interests and offer new ideas over worn out and failed, past orthodoxy.

We’ll help you find your story, tell your story and stay on story with an emotionally compelling sensibility so that you connect, capture the imagination, break through and succeed.

We aren’t political hacks. We uniquely combine award winning, professional story telling experience from the entertainment and branded content industry with experience in political campaigns, advocacy campaigns and in the press.

We believe conventional politics is failing too many people, too much of the time. This systemic failure and stale political climate is ripe for fresh messaging and thoughtful disruption rooted in America’s bedrock values and founding ideals.

We work with candidates, both next generational and experienced, who provide future oriented, transformative leadership. We collaborate with causes and organizations that reflect the kind of courage and innovative approaches these times demand.

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OF BY FOR is dedicated to cut through the clutter, original messaging and media that incorporates classic story telling principles perfected from decades of combined experience in the political, entertainment and branded content industries.

Story Creation, Message Discipline & Strategy

Our industry leading storytellers will work with you to isolate what differentiates you, so we can craft your authentic, distinctive story. We’ll help you connect emotionally and size up the political and competitor landscape so you break through. And we’ll collaborate with you to be sure your core argument and story is orchestrated through every element of your campaign, whether it be your video content, branding, website design, speeches, radio or television spots.

Video Content & Ads

We are award winning screenwriters, directors and producers from the entertainment and branding industry prepared to deliver world class content for our clients. Our experience spans all genres and mediums including internationally released studio feature film, Emmy award winning network television, festival award winning independent film, digital content, animation, scripted, documentary, comedy and drama. A one-­‐stop shop, we’ll handle all aspects of production for you from scripting to production to post.


Bring your speeches to the next level with talent that combines professional speechwriting with an extensive background in world-­‐class entertainment industry screenwriting. We can help you drop an emotional story spine, rhetorical flourishes, comedic punch up and your core argument into every speech you give.


With industry expertise in writing, directing and producing short form digital content and viral content, our team will create strategy that helps you break through. Whether seizing on opportunities for sharp, sharable political messaging or expanding your views through humorous content, we draw on an elite short form content track record to expand your reach and elevate your campaign.

Of By For Signature Campaigns

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness Index

As Robert F. Kennedy so poignantly argued, the GNP fails to adequately measure of our nation’s success. We can do better by measuring America’s Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness Index or the LLPH for short. In our first signature campaign, OF BY FOR will work with a variety of leaders across all sectors – public, private and non-­‐profit – to develop and promote an index that more accurately reflects our cultural and foundational values as a whole.

OF BY FOR will launch signature campaigns designed to change the conversation, affect the debate and further the agenda we care about.